Tenancy Models for SaaS

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Tenancy models of SaaS

Starting SaaS business, the important decision you have to make at first. Which tenancy model you select is trade-off problem. Single tenant, mixed tenant or multi-tenant.


Models difference


Single Tenant

Tenant Isolation:Very High
Scalability: Medium
Scale Complexity: Complex
IAM security : Simple
Cost per tenant: High
DevOps: Simple
Usecase:Government Cloud/ERP


Mixed Tenant

Tenant Isolation: High
Scalability: High
Scale Complexity: Simple
IAM security : Simple
Cost per tenant: Medium
DevOps: Complex



Tenant Isolation: Low
Scalability: Very high
Scale Complexity: Simple
IAM security : Complex
Cost per tenant: Low(Yield manageable)
DevOps: Very Complex
Usecase: M365,Salesforce