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Here is the theme of TANAAKK R&D to become independent, interoperable, autonomous city.


Perspective view around how to categolize world competitive industries power


How to evaluate R&D team and benchmarking
Efficiency of R&D in terms of generating operating cash flow (growth option)

Macro economics trends

Rise and fall history of supernation and its power fundamentals
the power of leverage in reserve currency

Operating cash flow benchmark

The world companies total revenue, total net income
Top companies investment in tangible assets
The benchmark of revenue growth 7% and EPS growth 14%
EPS growth 30% after US$10 billion operating cash flow

Tangible asset

Tangible Assets generating operating cash flow
Datacenter Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Alibaba, Tencent
Submarinecable, datacenter, powerplant, Campus, flugshipshop, factory, logistics
EV factory BYD, Tesla(shanghai) productivity

Demanding industry

Renewable energy industry
Renewable energy EV grid Demand Response
EV rent-a-car market hypecycle

Revenue management

Demand prediction
Pricing Yield management

Cost controling

Energy management
Data center UPS battery management