Intelligent path to cash

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Intelligent path to cash

The key to successful investing is portfolio diversification. Though venture capital always want to find simple product while TANAAKK’s ultimate principle is to generate 15 or more uncorrelated cash return streams, so we can build an incremental ecosystem that is independent of global economic ups and downs. This approach provides both stability and growth potential, making TANAAKK a powerful partner in your investment journey.


How to migrate your story into market cap.
0. hypotheses
fund raising with clear hypothesis and plan
1. Revenue test
build growth metrics that convert innitial capital into asset and revenue
2.Margin test
after confirming growth metrics, prove earnings and operating cash flow margin
3. Leverage test
leverage business while keeping and improving profit margin and FCF margin
There is no investors that invest startups without clear path to free cash flow in these days. Solid financial evidence makes favolable valuation in the market.

TANAAKK operates as a venture studio that provides Growth-as-a-Service™ (GaaS) through a recurring revenue model. We focus on helping R&D teams within large conglomerates, primarily Fortune Global 2000 companies, achieve growth. Our services include competitive offerings in CICD (Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery), SRE (Site Reliability Engineering), SOC(Security operations center) and SoC (Systems on Chip) design. Notably, SoC expertise is a crucial function for businesses in SaaS and connected IoT, and skilled professionals in this area are in high demand.
TANAAKK, with their product and service brand name “HITSERIES®︎,” aims to illustrate that carve-out startups can achieve significant funding milestones (Series A, B, C, D, E, IPO) through our GaaS model. The clientele is seeking our assistance in migrating their R&D intellectual property (IP) into appropriate growth legal structure, to achieve new revenue streams and cash flow channels.