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8 Major Growth Metrics

IRR|Internal Rate of Return

Internal rate of return is used by institutional investor to compere portfolio efficiency. See IRR Benchmark of selected company as Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook, Tesla.

IRR Benchmark
ARR|Annual Recurring Revenue

Annual recurring revenue or monthly recurring revenue(MRR) is repeatable revenue that derives from product. ARR usually have more profit margin than non-recurring engineering (NRE) service revenue. Build ARR.

NRE|Non-Recurring Engineering

Non-recurring engineering(NRE) is on-time cost for research, design, develop, test of product or product enhancement. It is CAPEX(Capital expenditures, one-time cost) and not OPEX(Operating expenses ,subscription). Eliminate NRE.

MAU|Monthly Active User

Startups must control growing metrics. Track MoM(Month-over-Month) growth.Compounded Montly Groth Rate(CMGR) of 10% leads to YoY 14,204%.

LTV|Life Time Value

Lifetime value is the present value of accumulated future revenue per customer. Also get churn rate for calculating LTV.

CAC|Customer Acquisition Cost

Customer acquisition cost is used with LTV for calculating advertisement and sales cost efficiency.

GMV|Gross Merchandise Value

Gross merchandise value is total revenue made by ecosystem.
e.g. Microsoft have 1.7 Trillion annual GMV and 17million partners for annual revenue of $168.1 Bn

SaaS Customer Success Metrics

NPS Net Promoter Score
Product Usage Rate, Avarage Time on Platform
Free Trial Conversion Rate
Renewal Rate




市場規模は投資するのに十分であるか?米国VC IRRの10年ベンチマークである15%を超える成長性のある市場か?