Speed up performance of wordpress on Azure

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How to get light speed of response

There is very many article of speeding up wordpress by LAMP template image or plugin. But that approach is not so compatible and have scalability issue. We propose basic development skills for speeding up wordpress.

Resize Image

Free online tools.

Compress Image

Free online tools.

Resize/ compress video or outsource it

Use youtube for outsourcing or compressing video.

Cut off heavy theme and plugin

Cut off unused html,css,javascript,font,php,plugin,theme

Measure What Mattars with Lighthouse OSS 


Lighthouse integrated online application

Google Pagespeed Insights
Google web.dev measure
GT metrics


Web Vitals

Largest Contentful Paint|LCP

LCP measures how long it takes for the largest content element (e.g. a hero image or heading text) on your page to become visible within your visitors’ viewport.For a good user experience, aim for an LCP of 1.2 seconds or less.

Total Blocking Time|TBT

TBT tells you how much time is blocked by scripts during your page loading process.For a good user experience, aim for a TBT of 150 milliseconds or less.

Cumulative layout shift|CLS

CLS indicates how much layout shift is experienced by visitors as your page loads.For a good user experience, aim for a CLS score of 0.1 or less.


Infrastructure layer

If you had done speed-up by application level, then we recommend to make more speed by network and infrastructure level.

Azure IIS server and Windows NT

Scale-up web/app/DB server
Scale-out web/app/DB server
DNS routing
Load balance by Azure Front door
Cash by CDN Azure Front door or Azure CDN
L4 level load balancing with Azure Gateway


Sizing & Load balancing

You can monitor CPU% , Memory% and response time for proper sizing of Azure server. Additionally you can set load balancer and calucurate proper latency sensitivity for most appropriate workload balancing.


Select what is the most important thing

we have 20,000,000 request per month therefore cut off all the js, css, html, php including themes and plugins, put off all the mesurement tools like google analytics, clearlity, hotjar , google tag manager and so on.

If javascripts prevent 1 second, then we cost 20,000,000 second in a month. That means we we are costing 10 month of one single person’s life. 1year=31,104,000 second


Multi-Layer orchestration

Access explosion cost us $800k USD per week by 30 premium servers. But after cloud-native performance tuning into DNS, Network, App, OS,DB,CDN, Loadbalance, WAF, then we reduced 98% of server cost. eventually achieved $20k USD per week by 1 single server.