TANAAKK finalized Series A with TOKAI RIKA CO., LTD. (TYO 6995)

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-Pushing manufacturing giant’s new business “TOKAI RIKA DigitalkeyⓇ” : Bqey™️ and Uqey™️

Apr 5th 2023 – Nagoya, Aichi, Japan


TANAAKK K.K. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; CEO Shoichiro Tanaka, “TANAAKK”) finalized Series A round with TOKAI RIKA CO., LTD. (Headquarters: Aichi, Japan; CEO Hiroyoshi Ninoyu, Tokyo Stock Exchange:6995 “TR”) .

TR enters this strategic investment after carefully reviewing ROIs from 1-year and 3 months stealth implementation of TANAAKK products from Jan 2022. TOKAIRIKA is building its business model “TOKA IRIKA Digitalkey®︎” which is comprised of two key service “Bqey™️”,”Uqey™️”and one IoT platform ”QEY™️”.

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KEY BENEFITS of “Growth-as-a-Service®︎ HITSERIES®︎”for CEO, COO, CTO, CIO

  • Rapid product market fit creation and MRR growth with market intelligence “HITSERIES®︎RevOps”
  • Monitoring live environment 24/7 and Continuous DevOps “HITSERIES®︎SRE”“HITSERIES®︎CICD”
  • Clear path to profitability with 3x Faster innovation with 3x low-cost operation “HITSERIES®︎CCC”

TANAAKK started series A round from Feb 2022 with Musashi Seimitsu Industry (TYO7220) and finalized its series A with Tokairika(TYO 6995) in March 2023 ending with 48 individual investors.


TANAAKK stands on behalf of institutional investors. Growth-as-a-Service®︎ is comprised of 12 HITSERIES®︎ Products which derives innovation and new profit stream for traditional business players. TANAAKK have clear vision and measurable path to profitability. Providing cost competitive RevOps, DevOps, CICI, SRE​ and realize gain in terms of net income by comprehensive Cash Conversion Cycle(CCC) management and Integrated Carbon Accounting(ICA). TANAAKK continuously invest into “how to migrate R&D into new recurring revenue stream and incremental income. Generating competitive BPS(book Value Per Share)​ and EPS(Earnings Per Share) is the essential goal of investment and management. Our HITSERIES Platform manage any aspects of investment. Cost of capital, cost of procurement, cost of customer acquisition, cost of customer retention, cost of labour, cost of tax, cost of data privacy, cost of carbon.


Enabling SaaS growth, TANAAKK Law Firm facilitates selecting right capital structure including carveout. Select appropriate growth scheme, proper milestones and KPIs from early stage all the way into such liquidation event as IPO.