How to build SaaS / PaaS on Azure

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SaaS definition

Software as a Service |SaaS is hosted applications with development tools, database, analytics, operating systems,servers ,storage, network security, data center together.


SaaS model

There are 3 types of SaaS operation model.


Single Tenant

In a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, each of your customers are a tenant of your application. In the single tenant model, a single dedicated instance of an application is deployed for each customer. For example, with a N-tier architecture style application, all customers get a new dedicated instance of the web, middle, and data tiers. These tiers are not shared between these customers.


Mixed Tenant

In mixed tenant model, one or more parts of an application are deployed as dedicated for each customer, and the rest is shared between all customers. For example, with a N-tier architecture style application the web and middle tiers are shared between all customers. However, a dedicated data tier and database is provisioned for each customer.


Multi Tenant

In multi tenant model, a single instance of the application is deployed for all customers and shared amongst them. For example, with a N-tier architecture style application, the web, middle and data tiers are shared between all customers.

Compare Tenant model

How to manage tenant lead to various cost of operation


Azure SaaS

Here is the architecture sample of SaaS


How to architect 

In multi tenant model, we can deploy microservices utilizing Microsoft azure with nocode/lowcode. These serverless cloud native architecture help us make rapid development and effective CI/CD/DevSecOps