WBM selected Shoichiro Tanaka as Top 100 Innovation CEO

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WBM selected Shoichiro Tanaka as Top 100 Innovation CEO

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Sep 1st 2022


Award Winner: Shoichiro Tanaka

Company / Organization: TANAAKK

WBM secure the widest possible pool of top quality nominations and finalists, this year they processed over 40,000 nominees and through stringent 4-step process they selected 100 individuals that are making invaluable contributions to their industries through the championing of innovation combined with impressive business performance and commitment to positive environmental, social and governance practices. 

The Award recognises: 

  • Exceptional mission, leadership, and vision.
  • Career achievements.
  • Driving innovation in your field.
  • Raising standards within your industry.
  • Positive impact on sustainability, and CSR.


"WBM は、最高品質の可能な限り幅広いノミネートとファイナリストの人材プールを確保しています。今年は 40,000 人以上の候補者の中から、厳格な4ステップのプロセスを通じて、イノベーションとビジネスパフォーマンスを組み合わせ実現する業界に計り知れない貢献をしている100人の個人を選定しました。"