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Blog Guideline


Oct 15, 2021 | Shoichiro Tanaka CEO, Tanaakk LLC

How to release technically effective blog

Keep contents under 2MB

Use appropriate size and resolution of jpg for picture (resize to under 100kb)

Use SEO minded key phrase using Google Analytics, Microsoft Clarity, SEMRUSH

Use appropriate size of png for logo

Put citation reference

make title into URL permalink “Blog Guideline”→

Put eye-catch jpg into “Featured image”setting. Buy from Adobe stock or use open license picture and illustration

Select category for blog archive

Dataset Standard

Structure of article: Use H1 for Title, H2 for agenda, H3 for detail agenda

How to deliver blog

Share blog in Facebook page

Share blog in Linkedin page

Share blog in Twitter page

How to share in SNS

put #tag→This will rise share and inpression, engagement >200%

put clear high contrast photo

post 10 times in a day

post in multi channel