TANAAKK placed US$100M commitment to new launched HITSERIES FUND

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TANAAKK placed US$100M commitment to new launched HITSERIES FUND

18th Feb 2022

The Tokyo-based cross-border startup delivering Growth-as-a-Service to their industry clients.
HITSERIES is providing DevOps, RevOps and EquityOps for Fortune 500 SaaS portfolios.

TOKYO – TANAAKK K.K. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; CEO: Shoichiro Tanaka, “TANAAKK”)
announced US$100 million initial commitment to new launched HITSERIES FUND investing Fortune
Global 500 in-house SaaS startups and its related SaaS supply chain.

Shoichiro Tanaka, general partner of HITSERIES FUND has various cross boarder investment experience
with quite higher IRR record as compared to Cambridge Associates LLC US Venture Capital Index®
gained 50.1% in FY2020. TANAAKK will set up “HITSERIES LPS”, Japan-legitimate fund with
Shoichiro Tanaka as qualified institutional investor: incorporating under regulation of “Limited
Partnership Act for Investment (Law No.90 of June 3, 1998)”. HITSERIES LPS will have its first close in
Jun 2022. TANAAKK invites institutional investors and high net worth individuals(HNWIs) as limited
partners of HITSERIES FUND up to $300 million.

HITSERIES accelerates Fortune Global 500 in-house startups to achieve US$100,000,000 of new SaaS
revenue within 5 years through a combination of DevOps(development operations), RevOps (revenue
operations), and EquityOps (equity operations).
HITSERIES includes reference architectures, quick-start container images and hands-on support from
TANAAKK’s developer team. HITSERIES has broad Fortune Global 500 customer base in automotive,
energy, oil, retail, finance, construction and logistics.

In Japan solely, there is an annual R&D expenditure of US$190 billion including conglomerates and
national universities. But due to immature venture capital ecosystem in Japan, its nearly difficult to say
that science and technology smoothly migrated into disruptive innovation and engineering in the world.
HITSERIES FUND will invest that “discounted asset” in R&D expenditure with ticket size of US$1
million to US$30 million. Investment starts from Japan and its supply chain in EMEA, APAC and
AMERICAS. TANAAKK provides key benefits to migrate the fruit of research and development (R&D)
onto cloud-native, scalable software-as-a-service (SaaS).

TANAAKK Law Firm facilitates right capital structure, appropriate growth scheme, proper milestones
and KPIs from early stage all the way into NASDAQ or Tokyo Stock Exchange IPO.

TANAAKK provides HITSERIES, growth-as-a-service for Fortune Global 500 startups. For more
information, visit www.tanaakk.com
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Masayoshi Aoki COO Attorney at law, TANAAKK K.K.